MiFinity Security Center

MiFinity complies with PCI DSS Service Level 1 regulations so you know our systems are regularly audited and secure. Our eWallet and all transactions are encrypted and secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which protects your information and data. Our IT systems are protected by state of the art firewalls which build a barrier between the internet and our internal systems. To log into our secure eWallet you will need to register with a unique username/e-mail address and a secure password.

MiFinity have introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in line with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

After a period of inactivity on your eWallet you will automatically be logged out and will be required to re-enter your username or e-mail address & password.


MiFinity Will Never...

  • Ask you for sensitive information such as passwords, full card numbers or full bank account numbers whether by phone, e-mail, chat or SMS.

  • Send you unprompted e-mails or SMS requesting personal account information.

  • Ask you to transfer money to another party.

  • Ask you to share your Two-factor authentication (2FA) code.

MiFinity May...

  • Ask you to verify your username and/or e-mail address.

  • Ask you to upload documents to verify your identity.

  • Ask you to provide random characters from your provided security questions in order to verify your identity.

Let's Talk  Security...


Account Takeover Fraud

An account takeover can happen when a fraudster or computer criminal poses as a genuine customer, gains control of an account and then makes unauthorised transactions. Here are some common types of security threats:



A form of phishing but uses mobile phone SMS, text messages or other messaging apps to trick the targeted user into providing sensitive information. SMSishing messages typically ask you to reply to the message or ask you to call a fraudulent contact number.



Phishing e-mails are an attempt at fraud where criminals pose as reputable companies in an attempt to acquire private, sensitive information such as your eWallet username and password, credit card details, personal details. This is all performed in an effort to defraud. These types of attacks typically relay on social engineering techniques and information from popular social media websites to gather background information on the targeted user.


MiFinity's Advice on Staying Secure Online...

  • Never share your account credentials, including username, password, 2FA verification code.

  • If using a web browser ensure the connection is secure. A closed padlock icon denotes a secure https connection.

  • Be vigilant and do not open e-mail attachments from people you do not know.

  • Do not click on suspicious or unprompted links received by e-mail or SMS/text message.

  • Check your transaction history on a regular basis. If you notice suspicious activity please change your account password and contact Customer Services immediately.

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  • If using the MiFinity mobile App, please ensure you are running the latest version. This can be found in the Apple app store and Google Play store.



®MiFinity UK Limited, trading as MiFinity, is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 [Register Ref. 900090] for the issuing of electronic money. Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address: 28 School Road, Newtownbreda, Belfast, BT8 6BT, Northern Ireland. Registration No. NI611169.

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