What Is An eWallet And How Does It Work?

What Is An eWallet And How Does It Work?

The year 2020 has arrived and isn’t it time you kick your year off with the right payment partner? Be smart with your online payments with an effortless, flexible and convenient way to send money globally. It all starts with a MiFinity eWallet. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is an eWallet?

First things first, perhaps you’re wondering what an eWallet is. The MiFinity eWallet is an online service by which our clients can perform deposits, withdrawals and transfers quickly and effortlessly. It’s a fast, simple and secure way to send your money globally, using the best and most advanced encryption and fraud monitoring. With multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals, you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

What are some of the benefits of having an eWallet in 2020?

Why do you need an eWallet? We’re glad you asked. With the MiFinity eWallet, you can send money to another user instantly. That’s right, no need to wait a few days for the bank to clear it.

In fact, it’s so simple and easy to use, that you can send money to a non-user by using their email address or telephone number. On this request, they’ll be invited to sign up and can receive their money instantly. Sending money to your friends and family globally has never been easier.

You can add funds directly into your MiFinity eWallet. Always keep it topped up to make the process of sending money even quicker. You can even pay participating merchants via your MiFinity eWallet and easily search for your previous transactions. Or perhaps you’d like to withdraw funds into your own bank account. With your MiFinity eWallet, you can do just about anything.

The MiFinity eWallet has competitive and fair pricing, meaning we’re one of the best on the market, giving you real value and ease of use.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending money globally, or send money to family and friends.

How do I get started and use the eWallet?

We have an easy sign-up process that will have you using your eWallet in no time. To open an account, all you’ll need is a username, email and password.

To open a MiFinity eWallet, simply sign up with an email, username and password. It should take you a few minutes to complete all your information and create your eWallet.

From there on, to start using your account, you’ll need to load funds into it. You can do this either by card or via our online banking. Later on, you can even withdraw money from your eWallet, into your card or bank account.

As always, we have a handy customer service team on hand to assist at all times. You can email clientservices@mifinity.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

eWallet for businesses and consumers

The MiFinity eWallet works for both businesses and consumers and you can have multiple purses in different currencies under your eWallet account.

With the MiFinity eWallet for businesses, you can:

  • Maximise transaction success rates
  • Use your eWallet as an alternative to cheques or expensive bank transfers
  • Pay your employees globally with a single platform interface

With the MiFinity eWallet for consumers, you can:

  • Top up your eWallet via credit and debit cards as well as local payment solutions
  • Execute transactions via mobile, desktop and the MiFinity app
  • Send money in a matter of seconds to almost anyone with an email address or phone number straight from your MiFinity eWallet

Have you tried the MiFinity App?

It’s now even easier to send money back home since we’ve introduced the MiFinity app. It’s available in 17 different languages and allows you to manage everything straight from your mobile or device.

Download the mobile app in both Android and Apple stores.