How does money transfer to China work?

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How does money transfer to China work?

This service allows consumers located outside China to send money to UnionPay issued cards in China. The service leverages UnionPay MoneyExpress network. It is a highly secure, convenient & efficient remittance solution. You can make a transfer 24/7 either from a laptop, tablet or your smartphone.

Which banks in China support money transfer?

Here is the latest listing of banks in mainland China that support this service.

IssuersDebit cardCredit card
Agricultural Bank of China (AgBank)
Bank of China
Bank of Communications
Bank of Hainan
Bank of Inner Mongolia
Bank of Shanghai
China Construction Bank
China Everbright Bank
Fujian Rural Credit Cooperative
Guangdong Rural Credit Cooperative
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank
GuiLin Bank
Harbin Bank
Henan Rural Credit Cooperative
Hua Xia Bank
Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Linshang Bank
Qinghai Rural Credit Cooperative
Shanxi Rural Credit Union
Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank
Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative
*This listing is subject to change.

How it all works

How do I get started & make a transfer?
The CNY transfer amount is selected by the sender and this is the exact amount that will be remitted to the beneficiary.
How do I know the amount the recipient will receive in CNY?
The exchange rate will be displayed real time to you in the transaction window prior to you completing the payment transaction.
How do I know the exchange rate?
MiFinity apply a small margin to the exchange rate as supplied to us from UnionPay.
How is the conversion rate calculated?
Yes. Fees are calculated on the actual amount that you wish to transfer to a card holder and they are charged to your MiFinity eWallet.

  • Less than or equal 250.00 USD (1.90 USD)
  • 250.00-2,500.00 USD (0.76% of value in USD)
  • 2,500.00 USD and above (19 USD)
How is the conversion rate calculated?
You will receive an immediate email confirmation with transaction reference details. Note in order for the recipient to receive the funds onto their UnionPay issued card the cardholder must ensure they have instructed their issuing bank to accept international payments. In addition, you will also be able to view the transfer immediately within your MiFinity eWallet at
How do I know if the recipient card holder receives my money transfer?
As soon as you confirm the transfer of funds by clicking on Make Payment the transfer is submitted and cannot be cancelled and /or reversed.
Can I cancel a payment?

Payments and getting started

China only and as long as the receiver is Chinese citizen with a UnionPay card supporting MoneyExpress.
Which countries can funds be sent to?
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden & United Kingdom.
Which countries can funds be sent from?
Yes. For each individual money transfer just add the required card holder details of the recipient.
Can I send money to more than one person?
Domestic cardholders will receive remittance in RMB in real time or within 12 hours.
When does the UnionPay cardholder receive the funds?
Cardholder does not need to do anything to receive the funds.
What does the cardholder need to do to receive the funds?
Are there any additional fees that the receiver of the funds pays?
Yes. There are foreign exchange quotas which are controlled by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) in China.

The SAFE system conducts real time checks on the card holder’s quota which are currently the following:

Daily transaction limit 10,000 USD Single transaction limit 5,000 USD Annual transaction limit 50,000 USD
Are there any limits to the amounts that can be transferred?


First name and surname in English characters only.
Card number of UnionPay card holder which should be 16-19 digits.
What information is required about the recipient card holder ?
You can contact our Client Services team at the following:

Email :
Live Chat
Tel : +44 28 9587 0100 . Note English speaking agents are available 9-5pm UK time
Who can I contact with a question re my money remittance transfer ?
This specific solution is for consumer to consumer. However, MiFinity does already offer a separate remittance solution for businesses. For further details please contact
Does this support business money remittance?