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Why Choose Our MiFinity eWallet?

With the MiFinity eWallet, you can send money to another user instantly. No need to wait a few days for the bank to clear it.

It’s the most cost-effective solution with deposit fees of 1.8% and withdrawal fees of €1
Local payment options worldwide
Easily send payments in multiple currencies
More than 170 countries
Instant top-up of the MiFinity eWallet in more than 170 countries
Transfer to anyone in the world
MiFinity eWallet supports the transfer of money to almost anyone in the world
Send money with an email or mobile number
Send and receive money to and from anyone, anywhere and at any time in the world with an email address or mobile number
Instant payments and transfers
When you send money with the MiFinity eWallet, your transfers are instant

Sending Money Has Never Been Easier

Once you have created your account you can start using it. All you have to do is load funds into it. You can do this either by card or via our online banking. Later on, you can even withdraw money from your eWallet, into your card or bank account.


How Does The MiFinity eWallet Work?

We have an easy sign-up process that will have you using your eWallet in no time. To open an account, simply sign up with an email and password. Watch our demo below to see just how easy it is to send money from start to finish.


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As always, we have a handy customer service team on hand to assist at all times. You can email clientservices@mifinity.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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