Original Credit Transaction


OCT (Original Credit Transaction) is a payment method that allows the direct transfer of funds directly to Visa, MasterCard or China UnionPay cards. MiFinity facilitates OCTs globally through its fast & secure PayAnyCard™ & PayMyCard™ card solutions.

  • Transfer funds electronically to Visa®, Mastercard® or China UnionPay® credit & debit cards worldwide (PAC & PMC)
  • Funds can be sent in the preferred currency of the recipient's card (PAC)
  • Transfer exact funds electronically to cardholders (PMC)
  • Recipient receives funds faster than typical international wire transfers & cheques (PAC & PMC)
  • Competitive and fair pricing (PAC & PMC)
  • Convenient & flexible
  • More reliable
  • PAC allows the transfer funds to almost any China UnionPay®, Visa® or MasterCard®
  • Transfer funds in the preferred currency of the recipient’s card
  • Ability to send funds globally in multiple currencies
  • Faster – PayAnyCard® & PayMyCard® transactions normally settle within two business days or less
  • Be in full control of your payout flows & settlement schedules
  • Send payments cost effectively to employees, clients & suppliers without lengthy processing times
  • Competitive transaction fees